I'm Shaun O'Neill,
A 21 year old full stack developer.

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Shaun O'Neill

Frequently asked questions!

Questions that I get asked repeatedly that I don't like repeating

Q. Where are you from?

A. Ireland - Tend to not give many specifics as to where

Q. Where did you learn to program?

A. I watched all of TheNewBostons java tutorials when I was about 15

Q. Which IDE's do you use?

A. I use all of the Jetbrans suite, mainly webstorm and IntelliJ

Q. Do you still use the name 'XeliteXirish'?

A. I still use it online sometimes, but I've started to use my full name more often

Q. What made you think 'XeliteXirish' was cool?

A. 12 year old me taught it was deadly when I was in a Call of Duty clan 😜

Q. Where do you reply the fastest?

A. If you send me a message on Twitter or on Discord, I'll get back to you quicker

Q. Can I contribute to your projects?

A. Most are on GitHub, so feel free to contribute 👍 Any private ones I'm working on just send me a message and I'll think about it

Any unanswered questions?

Have any questions which are not answered above? Feel free to give me a shout!

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